Land in Haiti - What is a Centieme? What is a 50 par 100?

Have you ever bought land in Haiti?

Land For Sale in Haiti

  • What is a 4 centieme?
  • What is a 50 par 100?
  • What do they all mean?

On the Haitian countryside, people sell land by 'demi karo' or 'Yon Karo Tè'...

Somebody buys land in Port-au-Prince, ou tande se 'kat santyem tè yo ashte...

Lè w-al ashte tè en province, ou tande se '50 pa 100'...

What does it all mean?

I was on the phone with a fiend of mine in Florida who is interested in purchasing land in Hinche Haiti. I am trying to tell her the price for a '100 pa 100' in the area, and she is asking me "How many centieme is that?"

I dont know! Maye be you do...

Help me...

What is 4 centieme lf land relative to 1 "KARO" of land in Haiti?

What is the difference between piece of land that is 50 par 100 and anothe piece of land that is 4 centieme?

Please help!

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Land Measurements Haiti says...

How to Calculate 1 Carreau de tere en Centieme when buing land in in Haiti.

Based on the posts by Jean Michel

1 Carreau de terre = 100 cemtieme de terre
1 Carreau de terre = 12900 mètres carré (sqare meters)

Donc, 1 Centieme de terre = 129 mètres carré (sqare

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Will Johns says...

what is 5

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Valdy says...

a centieme is 11.36 meters x 11.36

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Jocelyn Jl says...

Mrs or Ms Tracy
I would advise you, if you really need an exact and accurate answer to your question, to find a notaire in Haiti who can come with the right one for you like that you will have no doubt that you have the answer you were looking for ok, that was my opinion on your concern.

Please if you do post it for others too see ok, so long my

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Jean Michel says...

50'=16m25 100'=32m50

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Jean Michel says...

1 centieme is an area equals to 129sq.

meters or the suare root of 129 which a square of: 11m36

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Jean Michel says...

1 carreau de terre = 12900 mètres carré (sqare meters) = 1.29 Hectares

4 centiemes de terre = 4 x 129 mètres carré (sqare meters) = 516 mètres carré (sqare

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Jean Michel says...

Centieme is: 12900 square meters divided by 100 which is equals to 129 square meters.

50 par 100 is a parcel of 50' by 100'.

50' = 16m25

100' =32m50

Any more questions feel free to get in touch with me. I'll help you understand

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Ryan says...

i see three different responses here to the size of a Karo. I see 90,000m2, 9,000m2, and 1.29 Hectares.

All are quit different.

What is the right size for a Haïtian

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Tracy says...

No one really answered the question.

What is a centieme?

How many feet by how many feet?

Or how many meters by how many meters?

I'm very interested in knowing the

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