I Don't Speak French, Woodring Speaks Out

This is an extract from Carl's Corner by Mr. Carl Fombrun


CARL, WOODRING SPEAKS OUT (from Woodring St. Preux)

Carl, I've always told you that I don't speak French.

I hate speaking French.

I used to get beaten up in school to speak French.

No one can beat me up anymore, I am not speaking French anymore!

"Chak tan yon moun santi li meprize paske li pa "Parler Francais." That's the same as tying him to a pole and lynching him.

I speak English to those who understand.

I switch to Creole to those who understand.

I don't use English to "belittle" other people.

"Lem pale kreyol, gen moun ki di-m pale tankou moun andeyo paske-m pa "Parler Creole". "Paske mwen pa ranje boush mwen."

I have a lot of respect for my Haitian intellectuals, but they need to understand something...

The world is not using "Yahoo.fr&; to search for Haitian information. The world uses "Fouye.com&; and fouye.com is in English!

If you search "Haiti" in French you get 650,000 results.

If you search for "Haiti" in English, you get 15,000,000 results.

I back tracked your articles on the issue with Manno Sanon

I admire Manno Sannon, he is my Muhammad Ali, he is "The Greatest!"

When he speaks Creole, he speaks to ALL Haitians

When he speaks English, he speaks to the new breed of Haitians, The Fouye Generation. When he speaks French, he speaks French.

My opinion, Carl, enough with that French stuff.

Every Haitian wants to come to America and no one is preparing them in case they land on American soil.

That's why they can pinpoint us so easily. We are highly educated "Martians" in the American continent.

That's why Haitian artists are still saying in "2005":

"Nou pase Matinik, nou pase Gwadloup,"
"Nou monte Nou Yok, Nou rive Miami"
"Nou kraze yo!"

That's all they have to do to be considered a success

Ou we sa "Parler Francais" fe pou nou?

Jiska prezan, nan mantalite nou, nou reflechi "tou Zuit" paske moun ki pale francais nan emisfe amerik la "tou zwuit."

Se nou men-m ayisyen ak koloni franse yo selman ki pale franse.

Malgre, swa dizan, nou pa koloni, we are still tied up with a freakin' French language ke ayisyen pa menm pale menm.

I don't even know how to spell Creole right... Et j'etais admis en Seconde!

I was so busy learning "La Litterature Francaise", Bertrand D'Orgeron, and Louis XIV.

"Epi, epi, epi anyen!"

"Ak katoz lanne sou tet mwen, Louis XIV mouri, papa-m voye-n nan "George Washington"

Give me good one reason why should I speak French?

If ever I go to France, I hope to speak French very well with the "Green Back" in my pocket.

Carl, "Parler Francais" in Haiti only has one purpose:

It separates the people from the "philosophes."

When I was growing up in Haiti, I thought "Philosophe" meant "Savant."

Then I came to America and realized, a philosophe is just a high school graduate.

"Mezanmi, relax tande?

Kisa koukouy te fe pou frize?

I don't speak French,

And Manno Sanon, you are the athlete of the century !

And you will be the athlete of the century until another Haitian CAN step up to the plate.

fouye.com is the Haitian search engine because I said so. Mohamed Ali is "The Greatest" because he said so!

I will build my own Haitian society, If you want to be a part of it, drop your French and follow me.

Carl, I will not discuss any comments about what I wrote.


Woodring Saint Preux


My young and brilliant friend Woodring,

Your message was sublime. However, I say to each his own. Personally, I love all the languages that I know fairly well, and that includes French.

In today's world, COMMUNICATION is the key. More power to the one that does it best in whatever language he chooses.

I understand your case history very well when it comes to languages and cultures. However, my suggestion to you, my younger brother whom I love dearly, let's try and be tolerant with all cultures and languages, it's one world.

Remember that old American saying: What goes around comes around.

I love you dearly and without you my man, there would not be a "Carl's Corner" on the internet, you are the wind beneath my wings.

All the best,


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Gregoire says...

i am of agreement with the first commentator, We are so proud to be free of our white french colonizer that often we forget a black creole/speaking one is just as bad. every human has the right to express themselves in whatever language they choose.

The more the better.

French is not the enemy, the elite upper class french speaking mulattos are probablly the ones you are angry at instead.

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Topic says...

yes, m dako a 100% avew Germain.

Pa gen lang ki supérieur a on lot

Selman kek ayisien kap pale franse yo santi yo min alors que pas gen de quoi

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Topic says...

Here we go with French again.

It is a bit sad that we still create a gulf between languages.

In Haiti, we are fortunate to carry to spoken vehicles of communication, namely French and Creole.

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