Happy Thanksgiving 2017 to my Haitians in the Diaspora!

To all my Haitians in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving... Happy Turkey Day as some of you like to say... Having lived in the diaspora for a while I know Thanksgiving day is one of the few days you get to eat a big meal together with family members scattered all over the states... Enjoy it... Happy Thanksgiving...

How to cook Turkey like a Haitian

To all the Haitians who are not in the USA eating turkey this Thanksgiving day, don't worrry... a "POUL DI" will do just fine! LOL....

In the Haitian Community, it's not just about the turkey, it's about everything else that comes with the turkey

  1. The "Macaroni Au Gratin"
  2. The "Diri ak DjonDjon" (Rice with mushrooms)
  3. The "Kodin-n Grie"
  4. The "Tropical Salads"

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Patrick Princivil says...

Make sure the Turky come from between the animals God was created, Turkey with small face is okay. But not Turky with big

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Subject: Happy Thanksgiving 2017 to my Haitians in the Diaspora! edit

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