Haitians We Are... United We Stand... What's Next?

United we stand,

Haitians are here;
United we shall proceed.

Let's hope we can accomplish that.

It is far more difficult to move than to stand together. There will be some that walk faster, some slower. There will be some that will fall out as we start to move together for a host of reasons.

Soon we will forget our destination and focus mainly on our differences.

This is the way most groups usually end. That should not be true for us [Haitians] henceforth.

The rallies we've had around the state should only serve as the beginning of what will most likely be a very long difficult battle.

The students in Tallahassee had one in front of the Capitol, the students in Tampa had one at USF where President Bush was speaking,

And in Palm Beach, the students took control of the crowd at the rally where Bill Clinton spoke.

The point of a rally should be a declaration that you will do something about the current situation. And so we will continue having open forum discussions on the strategies we will use to further our cause.

We will not let media make us forget about this in a week.

We must keep up the momentum.

In your club meetings, you should discuss, take suggestions and summarize all of the ideas on what we as the youth will do from now on to change our image as Haitians.

I will be in contact with all of the clubs within FHSA to gather all the ideas and turn them into a statement.

We will need committed individuals to fulfill our objectives. We don't want to hear from those that only...

Talk and no action "Pale mete la".

We want people that will help turn the ideas into material differences.

We will target the issue of immigration by

  • Encouraging more people to become citizen
  • Register people to vote
  • Focus on our high youth
  • And some other issues.

At our next convention in April, we need to have at least 1000 Haitian high school youths standing by us that we will have assisted in applying for college.

When you go to those high schools, please keep records.

Remember to...

  • Discuss...
  • Take note
  • Talk ACTION...


Article Written by Roland Victor
The Florida Haitian Student Association, Inc. (FHSA)

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