Haitians in the Provinces complain how much they HATE going to Port-au-Prince

A couple Haitian women sitting in a beauty salon in Plateau Central Haiti were discussing how much they HATE going to Port-au-Prince, Haiti's Capital city... "My heart start to beat faster as soon as I reach Morne Cabrit", one of them said.

KREYOL: Haiti - Moun Province yo ap plenyen kijan yo RAYI ale Port-au-Prince... Yon fanm Plateau Central di: "Kè m kòmanse bat pi fò depi m finn desann Mòn Kabrit lè m pwal Pòtoprens..." Kisa ou panse de sa???

This is not the first time this topic is being discussed in Haitians barber shops, beauty salons and other discussion hubs around the country. Living in a Haitian province is much more peaceful than living in Port-au-Prince although there is a serious lack of services in the provinces.

One of the women recalled her recent trip to Port-au-Prince when her and her husband encounters a sracy young man in the streets who said: "a chalè mwen sou beton an epi gade nou 2 selman ki nan machin nou ap freeze!"

TRANSLATION: in this freaking heat I am standing in the streets while you two are enjoying your air conditioning along in your vehicle.

She hasn't been to Port-au-Prince since for frear that something really bad might happen to her.

What do you think about that?

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Hermann says...

I don't blame these people's there security is at risk and could very well lose there life Haitian refuse to change to a better

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Subject: Haitians in the Provinces complain how much they HATE going to Port-au-Prince edit

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