Haitian Vetiver Fragrance at a high end retail store shelves in America

If you want to purchase a fragrance made from Haitian Vetiver get ready to dish out some 'dola'... Pictured here are bottles of Ermenegildo Zegna Hatian Vetiver pictured on display at a high end retail store in New York... Say What???

Composition of the new fragrance is based on vetiver notes manufactured especially for Ermenegildo Zegna in Les Cayes in the southwest part of Haiti.

Also read: Haiti has the largest Vetiver distillery in the world

Did you know this? The vetiver plant, a tropical grass, is a little-known Haitian agricultural treasure, producing one of the most prized essential oils for high-end perfumes.

I kept hearing about Vetiver, I saw a picture of the plant, I even heard President Martelly talking about it and, to be honest, it looks no different then grass my grandmother used to feed her donkey.

I say this because I think there are many of us who are very ignorant of the things that bring money to Haiti.

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Marie Ange Salomon says...

Nice information I would like to get a bottle of the fragrance from Haiti.

Can anyone tell me how is

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Dan says...

I know someone in Haiti who is a big provider of dried orange peel to make perfume or alcoholic drink such as

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