Haitian Prime Minister Criticises Haiti Recovery Efforts

Haitian prime minister Jean Max Bellerive is criticizing the haiti earthquake rebuilding efforts. The prime says that help was channeled through NGOs in Haiti and not the Haitian government.

Prime minister Bellerive says to the BBC...

"Let's be clear, I have nothing against NGOs - we need them. What I need is to have control over what they do in my country, where they do it and with whom they are doing it, and at what cost."

Mr Bellerive said he was constantly being asked why there were no visible results from donated money.

"It's very difficult for me to give explanation for the use of money that I never receive," he said.


Why do you think that "Haiti reconstruction money" was given out to NGOs and not the Haitian government.

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Brian Sitterley says...

Hopefully things are better than a year ago, but think:
1- Over half of your police in Port-au-Prince were killed or injured.

Same with most of the physicians and nurses in the affected area. My church helped with medical work in a church in Bon Repos and judging from the wounds I saw, no one else in the area was doing much. I stayed and helped with Mision Rescate in the police barracks across from the President's palace.

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Negbelair says...

why would i trust a gouvernment like the Haitian gouvernment to handle Hait's rebuilding funds knowing exacly what they would do with it. Which is the usual (steal it) to suit their needs, it's like takind a known alcoholic to a bar and expect him or her not to drink that's crazy i feel the same way about giving these known crooks the money and expect them not to steal it. People please ok those of you crying about the haitian gouvernment not getting any money promessed to haiti please take a retro look at these guys and tell anything positive they have done for the Haitian people.

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Myrtho Charles says...

I believe the reason that the money did go to the Haitian Government is pure and sample.

Whenever money comes there is a personal budget for it which include new cars for the little mistresses, money in foriegn bank accounts and retirement homes in Boca Raton.The world knows that our government system past, present, future is corrupted.Now every big official feels the pain of not being trusted.

It is a shame to let something like this going under your nose and have no power to do anything about.

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Sergo Jean says...

I disagree with you, prime minister and minister of plan;ki yes ki invite yo Haiti.

Ki plan yo te defini bawou nan minister a e Combien ayisyen ki inplike nan bagay sa yo. Constitution Haiti pa permet ONG ou OP dirije Haiti, li di cle Gen 3 pouvoi:exzecutif, legislatif e judicie sac fe youn nan pouvoi sa yo pa respecte lot paske gen trop chef ou bien youn ladan yo pa con rol yo.Le prezidan invite UN e ONGS lot peyi yo, ki sa lot pouvoi sa yo di?

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Martine Civil says...

the haitians goverment never show it self to be reliable and self worthy.who will show any interest to such administration please tell me Mr bellerive, put back on the mask there is nothing reliable about haitian goverment your words are simply good lyrics with no friction a goverment that has no vision for it's people but only teir personal interest.

just lay back think about the NGOs'in haiti yes there are making some differences not as much but more efficient of those in the goverment.

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Guilbert Printemps says...

Well, the country is under occupation, under the >.

When you are not mature enough to govern yourself and let other to do it for you, you have to accept the consequences.Independence, freedom, sovereignty, in the 21st century are very stange words let me tell you. Any ways, after knowing that we paid 29 billions of dollars to France to buy our freedom, I feel that we fought in vain. So many sac- rifices to end-up paying a terrible debt for it and ended now under international control.

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R Lustin says...

The prime minister is right.How can you come to my country to rebuilt, to decide how you are going to run bussiness without the knowledge of the gouvernement?What ever happen in an other country stays in that country and solve in this country by its government.

Anything happened in USA is solved by the three houses of this country.

No one can or would tell them how to take care their bussiness.Even there is no trust in the haitian government, they should be part of the

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Pierre says...

Mr. Bellerive is correct.

Someone should hold the NGO accountable for the money they receive.

Thet have free range to operate in the country with the complicity of the international community under the guise of not trusting the Haitian Government.

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Garry Destin says...

Where did Rene preval get the 45 million dollar

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Walloo says...

You know what the haitian government does with foreign aid money its no secret everyone knows.

The Haitian people as well as the government know why they did not give the money to

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