How the Haitian Diaspora In New York Is Doing After Hurricane Sandy

Spring Valley, NY - "There is no electricity, no heat, no hot water, and it is cold in here." These are the word of one of my family members I was finally able to reach today Spring Valley NY after Hurricane Sandy.

Intersection: Pascack Rd & Old Nyack Turnpike, Spring Valley, New York

New York is a BIG MESS... The New York Daily News calls New York "Apocalypse N.Y." in their recent headline. CBS News says "NYC still paralyzed, transit closed"

Apocalypse it is... The stories coming from the Haitian Diaspora in the small town of Spring Valley NY alone is no good news.

My brother tells me he drove around like crazy looking to put some gas in his car yesterday. "There was no gas at the pumps," he says. "When I finally found a pump with some gas, the limit was 5 gallon." He laughed!... Yea... Me and my family, we can still manage to laugh then things are bad...

My Mom tells me brother 1 had to evacuate to brother 2's house because they are freezing their asses off. "Me and your father,' my mom says, "we may have to borrow his kitchen for a few days, for a good night sleep!"

Spring Valley NY has a very large Haitian community. Not just Spring Valley, the Haitian Diaspora in the tri-state area is pretty big. I am sure that many families in the Haitian Diaspora are affected.

It is true that many Haitians leave Haiti for a better life but I think we can all admit to this: Mother nature knows no borders. Whether you are in Haiti or in New York City it doesn't really matter.

Do you you have family in New York? New Jersey? Connecticut? Boston?

Have you spoken to them? How are they doing?

Do you live in New York?

How are you doing?

Reply with your comments.

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Brandon says...

I Drop 11 miles in the NJ area to fill up my tank. I Have to wait for 2 1/2 hours to in line. Some of NJ Police office was working overtime to make sure that to secure the gaz

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Guilaine says...

We live in North East Pennsylvania and, thanks God, our area was not deeply affected, just heavy rain an strong wind, but we never experienced power outage.

We are one of the lucky few. I wouldn't say the same about family and friends in Long Island(Elmont, Uniondale).

They still don't have power.


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Carl says...

Yes we do have other family members in New York, New Jersey & Boston.

Thank God they are Ok somehow, but no electricity and it is

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