Haitian Bus Driver Killed By Passenger

Haitians are leaving Haiti in search of a better life elsewhere, thinking that Haiti is too dangerous.

The way some Haitians are dying outside of Haiti makes me realize that Haiti is not as bad as we think, crime happens everywhere... Yes even in the United States.

Did you know?

There was a Haitian bus driver killed in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn NY on December 1st by a passenger who refused to pay the bus fare.

Here is how one of our Haitian brother, Edwin Thomas, lost his life last week:

A young thug named Horace Moore gets ho his bus

According to the police, a passenger, Horace Moore, boarded the bus and inserted an invalid MetroCard several times. Although the card was not valid, Horace Moore sat down anyway, and Edwin Thomas continued to operate the bus.

At some point later, Horace Moore demanded a transfer, and Edwin refused, pointing out that the Horace had not paid the fare.

Horace got up, the police said, punched Edwin in the head and made as if to get off the bus.

Then, the authorities said, Horace suddenly turned around, came back toward Edwin and made a slashing motion. He stabbed Edwin numerous times in the chest and torso.

Edwin Thomas was 46 years old and a father of two.

There is one more thing I would like to bring up because I feel that it is very important. If this happened in Haiti every Haitian Radio station in every Haitian community in the Diaspora would be preaching how terrible Haiti, they would be giving all of us, here in America, 10,000 reasons why Haiti is so bad that we should never set foot in it.

They would be perching us how fortunate we are to be living in America.

This happened in America folks!

We spend too much time telling each other how bad Haiti is. It is time we recognize that there are some sick people in the world and YES some of them live in Haiti too.

This horrible crime happened in the "greatest country in the world" it happened here in America, it happen to a Haitian brother.

Our condolences goes out to the Thomas family.

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Joujou says...

Talk about silly motives...for murder

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Ricardo Exume says...

That's really sad we should do something about it. What do do think

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