Haiti Tomas - Haitian Government Ordering Evacuation Of All Camps

In preparation for hurricane Tomas, "Tonight, the government of Haiti is expected to announce an evacuation of all coastal and low-lying areas, as well as an evacuation of all camps, even those within the Port-au-Prince urban area." Evacuation to where???

Haiti Weather Alert

Is this for real?

Pop quiz...

There are 1.3 million Haitians living in tents in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas since the earthquake.

Do you really think that the Haitian government has emergency shelters for 1.3 million people?

And IF NOT... What kind of evacuation are they talking about here?

It's been 10 months since the earthquake and Tomas is coming to ask questions.

Growing up in Haiti, I used to hear the nickname "Haiti Toma" I have a feeling after this weekend, that nickname will have a bitter taste.

Ahhhhhh.... Pep sa-a gen mize pou-l pase....

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Alister Wm Macintyre says...

If people along the coast did not get to higher ground, they would have been swept out to sea by the storm surge.

In Leogane, a river overflowed its banks, and the water is five feet deep in some places.

Evacuate to higher ground is maybe what they should have said.

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Union says...

right after the earthquaque the government of haiti new the outcome if there will be a hurricane, why now i call it purely and simply negligence from their part.all they focus on is money.

i have seen on tv sean penn mention the arrival of hurricane and how devastated that will be., no one paid attentions if they did haiti wont be in that bigger mess. hell with that stupid government, hell with preval and

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Sergo Jean says...

Kote li pral mete yo.li we lot peyi ap evacue moun li di lap fe tou .neg bezwen vot kounie ya, yap pase lodpou motre pep yo konsene.men declarasyon li te fe pou sezon laplia li te di "kou moun yo we lapli yap cheche yon kote pou foure tet yo"kounie li vle montre li se yon chef leta ki kon bay lod.pou kisa li pat bay lod nan Gonaives apre catastrof ki te pase pou moun yo te jwen yon lavi miyo.tout peyi ya apre tranbleman te ya.nan sant li prepare pou yo apre tan sa petet se la li pral mete moun sa yo si li pap blofe moun yo.fe evacuasyon prezidan bay lod jounalis ap bay rezulta travay ou e nou menm pep nap vote Group mafia ou presante bay peyi ya.ou gele pawe nan je ou 20 an lavalas ki chanjman peyi ya genyen ?sof divize pou renie se sa mwen we avec je mwen.kou gen elecsyon gen lod apre sa tout bagay kanpe pou le gen lot

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Cin says...

Mize se

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