Haiti - Faits à signaler: Road Conditions in Hinche Unbearable - Ministere des Travaux Publics Help...

Hinche Haiti - Less than 2 minutes away from the new municipal buildings that Haitian president Michel Martelly just inaugurated last week is a MUD bath right in the middle of the road... Ministere des Travaux Publics... tanpri... Gere sa pou nou non!

I know there are people within the Haitian government reading this, Please, make some phone calls for the people of Hinche!

Hinche is the CAPITAL CITY of Haiti's Plateau Centrale... Look at the conditions of the main road JUST 500 yards from the hospital... JUST 600 yards from newly constructed government buildings...

"Labou se pou kochon..."

Local Residents post this sign that reads "Labou se pou kochon," (MUD is for PIGS!)

Local Residents put a big fat sign calling for Ministere des Traveau Public (MTPTC) to do something about it and wondering when ELSAMEX, the road building contractor in Haiti, will come and pave this strech of road.

Are you familiar with Hinche? Here is a map of where this mud is located relative to the airport, the brand new municipal buildings that Haiti president Michel Martelly just inaugurated last week, and the Hopital Sainte Therese in Hinche.

Hinche Haiti Mud Map

If Haiti is indeed open for business then we cannot ignore the capital cities of the republic!

Look at this... You would think you are in the back woods of Africa but this is less than two minutes away from the main Hospital in a capital city in the Republic of Haiti.

What is wrong with this picture? Before we can compare ourselves to other countries, we need to at least rise up to their level... Don't you think?

This is NOT what a CAPITAL city should look like!

Come on guys... Do something about this!

Mesi davans!

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Guilbert Printemps says...

Be careful my friend, some people do not like the

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Subject: Haiti - Faits a signaler: Road Conditions in Hinche Unbearable - Ministere des Travaux Publics Help... edit

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