Haiti Photos: Terrier Rouge Haiti

Take a look new , a small town in the Nord-Est Department near Terrier Rouge. I took lots of pictures while traveling through Haiti you can see them all on

Bureau Postal De Terrier Rouge Haiti

Here is a photo of the ... (The Post Office)

Here is a photo of the new , a new Haitian Baptist church and school in Terrier Rouge, founded and led by Pastor Apollon Noel.

Here is another thing you might not know about unless you live there...

There is an Agricultural school in Terrier Rouge, it is called the

Here is a picture...

Ecole Et Eglise Baptiste De Terrier Rouge Haiti   The Roads Of Terrier Rouge Haiti   Terrier Rouge Haiti   Terrier Rouge Haiti   St Barnabas Agricultural School Terrier Rouge Haiti   Eglise Baptiste De Terrier Rouge Haiti   Terrier Rouge Haiti   Terrier Rouge Haiti  

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Louis says...

Clef, bagay yo pap fasil, Manman m gen chans gade TV a laj de 59 an, le li vini o zeta zini, sa map mande-ou limye, rout,dlo, sel sa nou bezwen pou nou

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Lucien Bonnet says...

The author, Lucien BONNET, from

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Ericka says...

ummm, have u ever Google Haiti?, all u see is nasty pics of Haiti, we eat mud, and we do voodoo...y dnt u go on google and tell me wat information u

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Tomy says...


I bet some o us deny ourselves as Haitian when we are elsewhere, i work in the tourist industy where i live, i met lots of different people from all over the world, honestly sometime it is a shame to say who i am, but thank God i never have courage to deny my Nationality.

I want your comment on this, Woodring, have you been hiding picture as well?

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Gedeon says...

this is the moment for haiti change.

this moment for haiti have tourist, good hotel for evey body can caming to

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Ericka says...

a la bel photo papa....this is the beautiful side of Haiti that they are hiding form the

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