Haiti - MINUSTAH Extends Mandate until 15 October 2016, This may be the LAST Time!

The UN Security Council has just extended its Peacekeeping mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) until October 15, 2016 BUT... This may be the very LAST YEAR that the mission will be in Haiti... They are leaving good this time... NO more extension...

According to the Miami Herald, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that Haiti remains on an "encouraging path" and "made significant strides towards the renewal of its democratic institutions with the holding of the first round of legislative elections" on Aug. 9

Reading the article, The UN is betting that democratic elections will be held in Haiti and the Haitian National police will be able to "care for its own security needs..."

SO... In plain English, if all goes well and our beloved politicians do not go in a rampage in the next 12 months to destabilize the country, something they are so good at, MINUSTAH will be outta here!

What do you think about that?

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Patrick I hope that's the last time, cause they n doing the same thing raping. Killing no difference, we have to pit end into that, as first black we have... see more
Reply · October 10 at 11:55 AM
Marie Nadine Pierre Jah love. I am so happy to hear this good news. I feel that the UN has been illegally occupying Ayiti. And in the past 11 years since they've been... see more
Reply · October 09 at 3:05 PM
Bernard Valcourt Pamela White may have convinced some people that she suceeded at pacifying the leftist fascist Aristide. What an illusion as those anarcho-facists... see more
Reply · October 09 at 2:35 PM

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Subject: Haiti - MINUSTAH Extends Mandate until 15 October 2016, This may be the LAST Time! edit

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