Haiti Kanaval 2010, Do You Even Care?

Mezanmi, gade kijan nou pa jan-m pale de Kanaval anko...

Al-on lavi drol...

Ane sa-a, se pa de TI MOTO n-ap pale...
Ane sa-a, se yon kesyon de TERREMOTO (Seisme/Tremblement De Terre)....


Anyway, CARIMI did release a Kanaval for 2010... I just found out.
it's called "Men Poul La"

I thought you might like to hear it...

Here is the link:

There are many other Haiti Kanaval 2010 that I didnt tell you about that has been added to BelKanaval.com.

Check them out.

Life goes on people...
We have to rebuild...
and we have to hold on to the good times!

Champs-de-Mars... GOOD TIMES!


Have a good weekend!

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Albert Iglesias says...

I am the founder of a non-profit org in Miami, Florida providing veterinary care in Haiti after the earthquake we are working on a conservation project, your site make me fill as being part of your community..This is great! dr.iglesias.

dvmiglesias at

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Nadine Theodore says...

yes i nadine do care about the kanaval because that part of haiti roots..

haiti have to move on. we have to make a stand.

we have to come as

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Rosemine Jean says...

Se pou yo pran lajan ki te dispoze pou kanaval la pou yo peye tout anplwoye leta yo aryere salaire yo, sa ki poko touche l yo. Gen Policier ki gen 3 zan depi li poko ka touche grade li sou chek li; ekzanp mwen menm. Tout bloke nan Finans depi avan tranblleman de ter a. Nou pa bezwen kanaval an Haiti anko. Nou bezwen on peyi pwop kote pou tout Haitien ap bay Bon Dieu glwa. Bay Bon Dieu premye plas. on peyi bien organize san patizannri.kote pou tout moun pa we tet yo selman, Kanaval pep Haisyen kounyea se ta remesye Bon Dieu pou ti res Haisyen ki rete nan peyi ya ki pa

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Ferdinand Francois says...

Well! This is not a time for carnaval.

This is a time for Haitians to work together hand and hand to rebuild the country.

I have no problem with the idea of carnaval but, i don't think it is a good moment for Haitians to celebrate now. Our focus should be on the future of children after the disaster that has robbed the hope of many

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