Haiti Gets Recognition During Black History Month In America

February is Black History month in America and Haiti is officially a part of that history now and forever.

How you ask?

Because the first Black Regiment who fought in the American Revolutionary war were Haitians.

Watch the Video:

Well actually they were called the "Chasseurs Volontaire De Saint Domingue."

A few days ago WTOC11, a TV station in Savannah Georgia published a news story about the The Haitian monument in Franklin Square, Savannah Georgia.

haitianinternet.com/f35/black-history-... This is the monument that represent all the Haitian soldiers who fought in the American Revolutionary war.

Here is something I learned from that report.

The African-Americans who fought in the American Revolutionary war fought for the British against American interest.

It was the Haitian Regiment, the Chasseur Volontaire de Saint Domingue, who fought along side the Americans for American Interest.

One more thing...

When you go to Franklin Park you will notice a young drummer boy on the monument, this young drummer boy is Henry Christophe, the only Monarch who fought in the American Revolutionary War.

He would later become King Henry Christophe, one of the four founding fathers of the Republic of Haiti.

"The monument" as posted on the transcript of the WTOC11 report, "stands as a symbol of their courage and sacrifice now in place for generations to visit and learn from, right here in Savannah"

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Marc Monestime says...

itis a long overdue.

that should be taught at school here in the US already.

You know what it is never too late to be grateful.

thanks to the leadership of some brave, courageous georgian counsil and a lot of Haitians activists who fought hardly to tell that story that has been untold.

Hat's off for those great

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Jean Silvera Francois says...

---Ne vous laissez pas

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The Divine Prince Ty Emmecca says...

Great video; great posting! Divine Blessings and

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