Haiti - EXPLOSION at a Dry Cleaner leaves 20 Injured, 8 in Critical Condition

Port-au-Prince, Haiti -- An explosion at a dry cleaner in Nazon left 20 people injured, 8 of them in critical condition... Among the injured are two student who were passing by...

Haiti On Fire

KREYOL: Haiti - Explosion nan yon Dry Cleaner nan Nazon... 20 moun blese, 8 nan yo gravman grav... 3 kay kraze, tout vit machin ki tap pase kraze... GRO explozion... Kisa ou panse???

It was really an explosion... 3 nearby houses suffered damages, all passing car windows were blown out...

Protection Civile in Haiti told the Haitian media they literally had to remove the victims "anba decombre" (under the rubbles)... Luckily there was no deaths but 8 of the victims are in critical condition.

Protection Civile is investigating to determine is this was an accident, negligence or foul play...

The agent who spoke to the media talks about some kind of butane oven inside the dry cleaner, similar to the one used in a Haiti for soldering, that is supposed to release air pressure. this equipment may have caused the explosion.

What do you think about that?

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Fred says...

It could be that but also it can be a result from not cleaning the dryer vent.

I am an appliance repair professional
I am the owner US APPLIANCE

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Subject: Haiti - EXPLOSION at a Dry Cleaner leaves 20 Injured, 8 in Critical Condition edit

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