Haiti Environment: Trees are replaced by concrete, this screws up the water cycle

Deforestation is a big problem in Haiti. In many parts of Haiti, especially in and around the major cities, trees are replaced by concrete and this is the reason why the water cycle in Haiti is in big trouble. Read this...

Haiti - Jalousie Slum In Living Color
Haiti - Jalousie Slum In Living Color

What role does thee tree plays play in the functioning of the water cycle?

In addition to being a habitat, the tree plays a role of choice in the functioning of the water cycle. The tree favors infiltration rather than superficial runoff. When it rains, the tree defends us in three extraordinary ways:

1) It dampens the drops of rain. These drops that crash on the leaves are divided into many small drops less erosive.

2) The rotting of dead leaves in the soil becomes like cement for small grains of dust. These particles, which were free and more easily transportable by water, become associated and strong. The soil is now less erosive.

3) Finally, the roots maintain the soil. It's like straw put in the earth mortars. We put straw in order for for it to hold. It's the same ! Under these conditions, rainwater has no choice but to infiltrate the soil.

When trees are replaced by concrete, there is only runoff and the water flows in the rivers and everywhere at high speed. The river can not contain all this amount of water at once. It's the flood leaving piles of rubbish in the cities! And the river only has water on this occasion. Then, it dries up until the next rain.

This is part of an article in French published on Haiti's newspaper Le Nouvelliste

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Nan peyi Dayiti, beton ranplase pye bwa, sa ki lakoz depi lapli tonbe se lavalas dlo sal k ap kouri desan nan mòn tonbe larivyè

Li yon atik ke jounal Le Nouvelliste pibliye sou dosye sa.

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