Haiti Ask MINUSTAH Not to Withdraw Troops Until After the Elections...

Haiti Justice Minister Pierre Richard Casimir asks MINUSTAH to remain in Haiti and NOT withdraw any more troops at least until after the 2015 elections...

MINUSTAH Rèd Kon Ke Makak

KREYOL: Haiti - Minis Justice la mande MINUSTAH pou rete an Haiti epi pa redwi kantite soldat yo jouk apre Elections... Kisa-w panse?

This demand was made when the UN Security Council visited Haiti over the weekend...

"I urge the Security Council not to reduce the size of the MINUSTAH (United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti) during the Haiti elections. It is rather necessary to increase the quotas of the UN Stabilization mission," said the Minister to UN Security Council ambassadors.

Minister Casimir also stressed that "in Haiti, like in many other countries, the election period is sometimes marked by tensions and unrest."

What do you think about that?

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Patrick Princivil says...

MUNISTAH will not go anywhere,

In Canada we have all nations in the Canadian's police, all nations in the Canadian's army etc. if you come Toronto-Canada or Vancouver-Canada you will see 99% immigrants and citizens in the police and army in Canada, the whole Canada have all nations who serve Canada; In US is the same thing, what make the Haitian's people feel to withdraw MUNISTAH of Haiti.

Toronto-Vancouver - Canada are multicultural, after what happened from the Leopards and the ex-President, Prosper Avril I will never trust the Haitian's army and police of Haiti; after what Raoul Cédras have done to the ex-President, Jean Bertrand Aristide in Haiti I will never trust the Haitian's army and police of Haiti; the nation of Haiti entered in the parliament of Haiti and destroy the parliament's door in Haiti to kill the the ex-President, Réné Préval, this nation of Haiti is very savage I don't trust them, I give MUNISTAH more credit then them.

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Mike Stallone Sylvestre says...

Si on demande le départ forcé de la minustah qui est une force de pour garantir la paix tôt ou tard on arrivera à une situation désastreuse.

Elle devrait rester en haiti une période de dix ans + dans renforcer nos institutions républicaine.

L'oposition voulait voir une haiti détruite et désarrois au bénéfice de leur poche.

Mais ce ne serait pas, vous vous trompez mopo, disant pitit

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Subject: Haiti Ask MINUSTAH Not to Withdraw Troops Until After the Elections... edit

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