FLASH: Haiti - Runaway Bus Kills 38 People after running over 3 BAND RARA

Gonaives Haiti - A traffic bus trying trying to escape a hit and run accident decimates three bands or RARA killing 38 people and injuring 13 others...

PHOTO: Haiti Blue Sky Bus
PHOTO: Haiti Blue Sky Bus

KREYOL: Gonaives Haiti - Yon BUS frape 2 moun, li TOUYE yon nan yo... Nan kouri pou sove kite aksidan an li rantre sou 3 Bann RARA sou wout la, li TOUYE 38 lòt moun...

According to news reports, the Blue Sky company bus had just gotten into an accident hitting two people and killing one of them, the bus driver decided to run from the accident only to run into 3 "BAND RARA" a few miles away killing more people.

What do you think about that?

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Patrick Princivil says...

Mwen mandé bondyé gérizon pou 2 moun bus la té frapé a, plis gren moun sak pèdi lavil la.

kata pou 38 moun ki mouri nan rara yo:

mwen pa satisfè menm; sé pa yon bus poul té yé, sé yon gwo kamyon poul dozè poul té yé, épi pou chofé a té pasé sou fyèl tout salòp ki té nan rara yo ak bouldozè, ta gen mwen méchan sou

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Riche Zamor says...

It is unfortunate that these bus companies think that they are not responsible for their acts. I am also a victim of a similar situation.

One of the bus companies "Sunshine Tours" hit my car from behind, totaled it. Its been seven months since the accident, they have not reported the accident.

In the meantime, they repaired their bus an had it back in traffic.

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Toto Sanpwel says...

Sad ...very

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti - Runaway Bus Kills 38 People after running over 3 BAND RARA edit

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