Fort Liberté: Another Hidden Tourist Attraction in Haiti

I was 34 years old before I had the opportunity to visit Fort Liberté. Had it not been for my father in law who lives there I would probably spend my entire life without ever visiting such a beautiful piece of Haitian history.
See 143 pictures of the fort at Fort Liberté

Fort Liberte, founded in 1578, was once called Bayaha by the Indians and the Spanish.

One of the oldest cities in the Haiti, Fort Liberte was originally inaugurated as Fort Dauphin in 1731 under the command of Louis XV, king of France.
See 143 pictures of the fort at Fort Liberté

When Henri Christophe proclaimed himself King Henri I of Haiti in 1811, he renamed the city Fort-Royal. After his death in 1820 it became Fort-Liberte once again.

The fort istelf, Fort Dauphin, is also known as Fort Saint Joseph ou Fort Liberté.

The fort now lies mostly in ruins.

The fort at Fort Liberte, also known as Fort Dauphin / Fort LIberte is one of the oldest fort in Haiti

I also have pictures of the town of Fort Liberte, I will upload them soon.

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Marcda says...

I often wonder why the media choose not to go to those places.

Our culture is so rich, tourists should be runing to get a view of these beautiful sites.

Why don't the haitian population raise some money and make their own documentary on Haiti.

I know the image that media potray of Haiti is

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Ninon says...

hi woody
thank you for the pictures I saw the fort from afar the last time I was in Haiti the area look anfeel so deserted and poor I could not stay. when I visite the french king old palace I realize how close the construction and building is to the ones the french left us it was a happy and sad

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