Evelyn Garcia, first Haitian-American member of the DNC

Hi, this Woodring and I have some good news.

Evelyn Garcia

It is believed that Evelyn Garcia may be the first Haitian-American to be elected as a member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

If you were watching the 2008 Presidential Elections like I did, you probably heard a lot about "Pledged Delegates" and "Superdelegates."

Guess what, Evelyn Garcia was one of the "delegates" at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

"Superdelegate" is an informal term used by the media to refer to unpledged delegates. Pledged or unpledged, the proper term is "Party Leaders and Elected Official (PLEO) delegate."

This is not "Politics 101" but, since our Haitian-American sister, Evelyn Garcia, is a part now a part of it now, I figured I would give you the 411 about the DNC.

Eske-w konprann?

There's more good news, Evelyn Garcia is also one of the subscribers of the Haitian Internet Newsletter... How'd you think I found out?... :)

With President Obama as the First Black President, With Haitian-American Patrick Gaspard as President Obama's Political Director at the White House, and with Haitian-American Evelyn Garcia at the DNC, I can tell you this much...

American politics is becoming very interesting for Haitian-Americans these days.

Congratulations to Evelyn Garcia, and welcome the Haitian Internet.

For the full article from the Palm Beach Democratic Party website about Evelyn Garcia read: Evelyn Garcia Elected To The DNC

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Jean Mackendy Alerte says...

i think we are now on top and i wait to hear that an haitian become the
president of the state just to see what it will be for haiti
and democrate party if theire are realy do democ.

so anyway bravo for sister evelyn i hope and i wait to hear more about

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Harry Toussaint says...

Congratulation to Mrs. Garcia and wishing her all the very best in her position.

She must be smart, professional and diplomatic.

President Obama would have never been where he is today without those great

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Oui, tout est bien, et qu'il en soit ainsi.

Notre passé nous sourit comme le jour d'hier.

Notre fierté s'y est arrêtée comme dans une impasse.

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Charlot Charlemagne says...


comme dit le Président Préval, notre Président étant né Haïtien, non pas un privilège mais un droit.

Espoir c'est attendre en se résignant.

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

I am very proud of her. But what the meaning of being a child of Y, Z, if you can not give a helping hand to the mother (your mother).

Today, it is a need and precondition to the virtual and real liberation of our Fatherland.

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Emmanuel says...

oui la politicque nord Americaine ouvre de plus en plus leur porte à nos compatriotes pour dire nous sommes en mesure nous aussi de faire de bonne chose.ici au Canada M. Michaelle Jean nous represente fierrement
aujourh'hui nous avons M. Eveline Garcia que je tiens à félicité honorablement, vous êtes l'espoir de notre Haiti

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Fritz Morency says...

Last Sunday, after church, a member said that someone has told her that Michelle Obama's mother is Haitian or she is related to a Haitian family.

Is this

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Stanley Leonard says...

I am very proud of Mrs. Evelyn Garcia not only because she is Haitian- American and also due to the fact that she is a woman that shows that now gender isn't really an issue everything that us men could do, women could do it as well and sometimes they even do it better than us. I'm Haitian- American as well I am really proud, happy and honored to see that Hatian- Americans and people in the Haitian community become more and more successful once they come to the United States and I also like the fact that a lot of Haitians have very prestigious jobs in the United States and they act in a positive manner not all of them but a good protion of them though.

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