EBOLA - Haiti Blocks Entry of MINUSTAH Soldiers from Senegal until they are tested for the EBOLA Virus

Haitian Authorities have demanded that a contingent of Senegalese MINUSTAH soldiers be tested for the EBOLA Virus before they travel to Haiti to replace others already on the ground...

Dakar-Echo.com reports...

A contingent of 140 MINUSTAH Soldiers from Senegal are blocked in Dakar they have been there for nearly 10 days now and has not yet embarked for Port au Prince, due to the Ebola virus.

Haitian authorities require testing before allowing them to land in Haiti.

Senegal, infuriated by this attitude, has resolved to call on the United Nations Organization (UN), to settle the situation. The UN is left with no choise BUT to subject these the Senegalese soldiers to the test of Ebola as agreed with Port au Prince.

Bon bagay...

The Haitian authorities are taking no chances... Recall how CHOLERA entered Haiti, killed thousands with hundreds of thousands sick...

What do you think about the Haitian authorities decision to test these soldiers for EBOLA before entering Haitian soil?

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Magner Dantes says...

Senegal fache! C lakay yo yap antre?

Se bloqe pou yo t tou bloke yo

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Pepeens says...

Pakite yo antre menm paske dokter ki te mouri New York la yo te teste l li pat gen anyen apre li mouri nan

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Ed Damour says...

Se mèt kò ki veye kò, lè chat chode nan dlo cho minm dlo frèt lipap fè konfians, Haiti an avan be strong don't get wong paske nou se yon ti peyi san

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Bethsaida says...

gouvernement ap

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Oxceva says...

M'tapfe tet mwen travay pou di: sel fason pou haiti pran nan EBOLA se atravè moun sa yo ( MUNISTA).

Haiti papka stop EBOLA si'l antre nan pays a.Meyè solution an;se anpeche li

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Bertha Bouquet says...

I love the way they handle the situation stop the minustah not to go to Haiti thank you very much god

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Sherlie says...

M'dako ak otorite yo, atentyon pa kapon

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

It is not because the country is surviving off the international charity that we do not have a voice.

Next step is to ask those mercenaries to leave the land of

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Nadege says...

I feel wonderful hearing that, keep up the good work haitian

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Yanick Florus says...

Way to go HAITI.

Bon bagay

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Subject: EBOLA - Haiti Blocks Entry of MINUSTAH Soldiers from Senegal until they are tested for the EBOLA Virus edit

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