Dominican Republic Will Share Electric Power Grid With Haiti?

I just found out that, recently, the Dominican Republic announced it would share its electric power grid with Haiti. Really? Take your sweet time to read this, I don't want to confuse you...

Haiti Open For Business

Yes really...

Here's what I found out.

First of all, the Dominican Republic is getting a lot of praise in CGI 2010 (The Clinton Global Initiative) for being so nice to Haiti since the tragedy. Yes... Leonel Fernandez is the man... That's how I found out about this news that DR will share its electric power grid with Haiti.

There's more...

Remember the other day I told you about this new luxury hotel being built next to Haiti's airport?

Well guess what...

Rolando Gonzalez-Buns, the Argentine entrepreneur who is investing in that hotel, he is also President & CEO of Basic Energy Ltd., an international electrical power company which controls over 1300 MW of power generation in more than 60 countries around the world including the Dominican Republic.

Rolando Gonzalez-Buns is the president of the Wartsila power plant operations in the Dominican Republic.

Wartsila Domnicana made an announcement last month, August 30, that their new "floating power plant" will add another 106 Mega Watts of energy to the DR national grid.

Keep in mind... When the Peligre Hydroelectric Dam was brand new, it only generated 54-MW of electricity,

Two more things:

1) Their about us page says "Wartsila Dominicana is a fully owned subsidiary and has the responsibility for all after sales service activities of the corporation in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba."

2) They already have a sale office in Haiti... Yep... 4 Route de Mais Gate, Port-au-Price, Haiti

One last thing...

Connecting Haiti to the Dominican Republic's electricity grid is one of 3 energy projects listed on the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) website.

Project Description: Create a 55 km transmission line, 138 KV to connect Haiti's Electricity grid to the Dominican republic's electricity grid. The line would run from Peligre to Port-au Prince with a capacity of 20-60 MWs

Potoprens selman?


What exactly does all that mean?

I don't know... I am not that smart...

You tell me!

I just want electricity and high speed internet access in Hinche Haiti before every hair in my head turns gray...

mwen bezwen ale lakay mwen...

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Hassan says...

It depends on how you beookd it. If you beookd a package deal without insurance, then you are more than likely bound to the agreement.

The first thing you need to go back and do is look at the terms and conditions of the package.

There are several factors, but it will all boil down to how the package terms are

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Rems Leveille says...

i think it is a nice thing that its being added to our grid and for those who may be complaining about "its in port-au-prince only" Sonje le ou pat ginyin ase pou fe ou yon jounin avec

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Will Smith says...

This makes perfect sense to ahve those two countries sharing the power grid and everything else. Even the United States share the power grip with Canada.

People in NYC depend of Canadain grid for energy.

This makes very good business sense for the Dominican

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Kat says...

mwen bezwen ale lakay mwen is correct.

While i am sooo grateful that the international community is helping us, we must help ourselves as well. We cannot continue, well i should say our leaders cant continue to lead us to a be a country of beggers.

I just hope the next president put the needs of our people first and not let them memories of those who died in the earthquake be forgotten.

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