Cuban national hero José Marti Honored in Cap-Haitien

Jose Marti - Cuban National Hero, Once a Resident of Cap-Haitien Haiti
When I was a student at Lycée Dumarsais Estimé in Hinche, Haiti, I had to write this quote by José Marti, as punishment, 1000 times: "Si la naturaleza se opone a nuestra independencia, lucheramos contra ella..." That's all I knew about José Marti until today, I learned, not only is José Martí a Cuban national hero and an important figure in Latin American literature, he also spent a part of his life as a resident of Cap-Haitien Haiti...

Well guess what... Haiti has decided to honor José Marti in Cap-Haitien...

A public space is now dedicated to Jose Marti in Cap-Haitien Haiti. President Michel Martelly was there for the inauguration of the small public square along with the personal representative of Raul Castro and the Cuban ambassador to Haiti. They also visited the house where José Marti stayed in Cap-Haitien.

According to Le Nouvelliste, José Marti's struggle for the independence of his country earned him many years in prison and exile, in several countries, including Haiti. His brief stay in Cap-Haitien allowed him to procure arms and ammunition and then embark to Cuba , hoping to "liberate" the country of the Spanish occupation.

In Haiti , he has resided with his friend Ulpiano Dellunde , Cape Haitien, between 12 and 13 I street, with several of his comrades, including Maximo Gomez.

The more I learn about Haiti the more I love this country... Haiti has been the source of inspiration and freedom not only for it citizens but for many, many others on the planet...

Now we know how a Cuban national hero, an important figure in Latin American literature and the liberation of Cuba is somewhat linked to our our beloved Haiti...

What do you think about that?

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Paul Very interesting stuff. Who knew? I studied the history of Haiti up until graduating from high school in Haiti...and I don't remember ever reading... see more
Reply · January 24 at 5:49 PM
Joseph Gourgue Senor Marti wasn't the only Revolutionary LEADER who travel to Haiti to seek help for their country. Haitians usually mentioned Senor Simon BOLIVAR... see more
Reply · January 24 at 4:00 PM

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