Coming Soon: Cheap solar chargers for Haiti schools Laptops

In Haiti, a laptop is just a door stopper unless you have electricity to recharge it. 11 students at the Chicago Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) want to change that....


Let me tell you how...

IIT Students are working to develop a low-cost, scalable, solar charging solution for donated laptops in Haitian primary schools.

The Chicago Tribune reports...

"In 2008, the Haitian government received a donation of more than 10,000 laptops from One Laptop Per Child...

But in Haiti, there was a large obstacle to the donations' success:

More than 90 percent of the country's primary schools do not have electricity, which is required for charging the laptops."

That's where the IIT project comes in...

Pompilus [Guy Serge Pompilus, the Haitian Ministry of Education's coordinator of the country's One Laptop Per Child project] approached Baikie [Bruce Baikie, president and chief executive officer of Green WiFi, a nonprofit that provides solar-powered wireless Internet to developing countries] in 2009 at a One Laptop Per Child conference in Rwanda, where they began brainstorming how to use solar power to charge the laptops in Haiti.

Baikie took the idea to Hosman [Laura Hosman, IIT assistant professor of political science], who pitched the idea for the class to IIT."

How do you like that?

This new low-cost, scalable, solar charging system be able to last for 15 to 20 years with little maintenance, the article says.

The next step... ACTION...

The IIT group plans to return to Lascahobas, Haiti, in May to install solar power systems in two elementary schools that will charge hundreds of laptops and they need MONEY...

Wanna help?

Visit their website and make a donation

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What do you think about this project?

Do you think it's worth $10.00 out of your pocket?

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Ljhosman says...

I will personally make sure it goes to the right channel.

There is no administrative overhead to our project whatsoever, because we are located at a university, and the university covers the administrative costs.

All of our labor is volunteer labor (the students and myself).

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Myrtho says...

Educating our children is very important.

A 10 dollar donation would not hurt. I think it is a very good idea, but where is the money going?

who will be in charge to make sure it goes to the right

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