Do you Recognize all the Haitian Artists in this Photo?

Image - Haitian Music Artists on the Beach Take a good look at this comic book image... Do you recognize all the Haitian artists in the photo? Amazing isn't it? from the creative mind of Kendy Joseph... more »

Haiti Question: Si ou tap fe yon film sou politik peyi d'Haiti, kijan ou t ap rele film sa a?

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon salle cinema andedan Ciné Triomphe Jodi Vendredi, an nou bay blag... LOL... Si ou tap produit yon film sou politique peyi d'Haiti, kijan ou tap rele film sa a? Ki aktè ki t ap ladan li? Ba nou yon ti pati nan scenario a non! more »

PHOTOS: Haiti - Hinche FIRE Victims Funeral...

PHOTO: Funerailles Victim DIFE Yo - Hinche Haiti Here are some photos from the Funeral of the Hinche Haiti Gas Pump FIRE victims... Preparations are done, Many hearses (corbillard) are already at Place Charlemagne Peralte with coffins inside, the ceremony is about to begin... more »

VIDEO: Haiti Presidential Candidates, The FUNNIEST but TRUE Reportage, Who the Hell are They?

Candidat a la Presidene 2015 Watch the video... The FUNNIEST but TRUE Reportage about the Haiti Candidates for president we know absolutely NOTHING about... They want to be president but Who the Hell are They? They are not on Facebook, they are not on Twitter... Some of them crawled from under a rock and want to be the Next President of Haiti... more »

Gade kisa yon Kawotchouman fe Machinn mwen an Haiti LOL...

Resilta Reparation Kawotchou Haiti nan men Kawotchouman san Zouti... Ou gen dwa ap gade photo ki nan paj saa epi ou mande tèt ou: Kisa sa ye? Banm rakonte-w istwa a byen pou-w ka konprann foto a... LOL... Mwen pran yon pann kawotchou Haiti, mwen pote li bay yon kawotchouman pou repare li pou mwen... Sezisman Total Kapital... more »

PHOTO: Dwyane Wade IS Languichatte Debordus!

Languichatte Debordus vs Dwyane Wade What does Haitian comedian Languichatte Debordus and Miami Heat basketball star Dwyane Wade have in common? more »

Would You Drink River Water in Haiti?

Guayamouc River - Sully (Hinche Haiti) QUESTION: If you grew up in Haiti, then moved to the USA or Canada for 17 years, would you ever grab a cup of river water (dlo riviere) and drink it? more »

Woy! Mona Guerin Mouri !!!

Mona Guerin Haitian writer and playwright Mona Guerin, creator of "Woy! Les Voila!!!" died Friday, December 30 2011. more »

3 Turkeys TOUTOUNI... It's an Oven for God Sakes!

Thanksgiving Dinner - Frozen Turkey Mezanmi... Me 3 Turkey yo pran OVEN lakay zanmi-a yo fe li tounen yon TANNING SALON... O! Jezu... Yo kouche la-a TOUTOUNI, y-ap pran couleurrrrrr... more »

3 Turkeys TOUTOUNI... What Is This?

Thanksgiving Dinner - Frozen Turkey Mesye... M'ale lakay yon zanmi, Mwen wè 3 turkey kouche TOUTOUNI nan yon chodye... more »