First Agricultural Free-Trade Zone Created in Haiti

Haiti Economy - A brand new free-trade zone for agricultural products has just been established in Haiti. In the near future, Haiti could begin to export organic food products to the world market.

Savvy consumers demand more these days, they want organic food. In my opinion, Haiti is the capital of organic food products. There is no denying that farming in Haiti is, for the most part, purely organic.

Haiti's Ministère du Commerce et de l'Industrie (MCI) and the Direction des Zones Franches (DZF) want to bring Haiti's organic food products to the rest of the world. They have signed an agreement establishing this first Agriculture free-trade zone in Haiti.

Located in Trou du Nord, less than 30 km from the port of Cap Haitien and the Haitian-Dominican border, the first Haitian Agriculture free-trade zone (French: Zone Franche Agricole) will produce about 20,000 tonnes of organic bananas and other vegetables from organic farming.

This new project is expected to create nearly 3,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs over a five period.

What do you think about this?

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Edwin Lynch says...

looking to invest $500 micro fund food

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Felipe says...

Hello I am interested in cultivating some land within Haiti and could use some guidance.

Please inbox

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Patrick Princivil says...

What do we think about that?

Oh! Oh!
This is what we want to hear from you guys, if God used all his power to take out La France' s finger nails of the Haitian's skins in 1804 what he can not do?

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