257 NGOs banned from operating in Haiti

The Haitian government has just revoked the operating license of 257 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Haiti.

Haiti's NGO Class - Expatriates living like kings in Haiti on aid money

According to an article release by newspaper Le Nouvelliste Friday, The Moise-Lafontant administration wants to link the programs of the NGOs and international agencies operating in Haiti with its priorities and the needs of the Haitian people.

Agiol Fleurant, head of the minister of planification says: These institutions must finance what the Haitian people need and NOT what they consider necessary.

A press release mentioning their of these organizations will be published in the media and in the official newspaper Le Moniteur, according to Fleurant.

Read more (in French) from Le Nouvelliste.

What do you think about that?

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Francois says...

This is a step in the right direction these NGO for years have been Freeloaders in Haiti & have done nothing for the

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Magumbo G Muntu says...

My response to the N.G.O's who so-called come to help Haiti are all exploiters that use the plight and suffering of Haitians in their long struggle for justice to make money for themselves.

America and Europe is crawling with those NGOs. They are so-called there to help you, they claim, but your deplorable situation never gets better.

I was in Europe (Amsterdam) a few years ago when their was the big Earthquake In Haiti hanging out with friend Artist/Actor Colleague from Haiti "Aventurin" And we saw this watched this program on the national TV, where they, companies and the community at-large would call in and pledge money for Haiti, at the end of the program they had, "80.Million Euros" but Haiti never receive that money because it never left Amsterdam Holland.

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Woodring St Preux says...

Hi Kevin,

If the list of NGOs banned in Haiti is published, I will be sure to publish it here.

If I now, you will be informed.

Thanks for being a fan of our Haitian newsletter over the

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Kelvin Scoon says...

Dear Woodring,

I don't believe that The Medianet Haiti Relief Fund from Trinidad is on the banned list, but, can I prevail on you to send me a copy of the list.

I am also interested in any Haitian Government new Guidelines for NGOs.

Kelvin Scoon
The Medianet Haiti Relief

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Kreyol says...

bel bagay, mete moun sa yo deyo ki pran peyi a pou deye lakay

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