Joe Le Fugitif

If you are Haitian and you used to watch "Joe Le Fugitif" on TV, you are so old, LOL...

If you are Haitian and you used to watch

If you are Haitian or you grew up in Haiti and you remember watching "Joe Le Fugitif" on TNH, Television Nationale d'Haiti, you are an old fart LOL...

Here is what you probably didn't know about Joe Le Fugitif:

The original series was in English, it was called Run, Joe, Run and it aired on NBC for 2 seasons on Saturday mornings in the United States from 1974 to 1975.

Back in those days, a Television set in Haiti was a luxury. Growing up in a Haitian province with no electricy, I could not wait to go on vacation in Port-au-Prince at my uncle's house to watch television. Yep, he was the rich man in the family LOL.

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