1 Gourde - Haitian Paper Money

1 Gourde - Haitian Paper Money

This is 1 Haitian Gourde, the official currency of the Republic of Haiti. Some time ago, 5 of these Haitian gourdes was equivalent to one US dollars...

Nowadays the Haitian currency has lost so much value that the paper currency for one Haitian gourdes is no longer published. it is now a coin but good luck finding it in circulation.

Back in August 2014, you needed 49 Haitian gourdes for one US dollars...

How many gourdes do you need now for one US dollar?

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True story... I walk in to a currency exchange business in the Dominican Republic to exchange some Haitian gourdes for Dominican pesos and I asked the man: "How much can I get for this good looking Haitian money?" The man laughed and made the most unusual comment.

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In mid November, 2018, The US dollar skyrocketed in Haiti. As of November 16 2018, you needed 75 Haitian gourdes for one US dollar in Haiti.

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Read this... From now on in Haiti, all commercial transactions across the country will be made in Haitian Gourdes. This is according to a presidential decree dated March 1, 2018 following a conseil des ministres.

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The universal dollar sign is "$", the Pound sign is "£", and the Euro sign "€". What is the Currency Symbol for the Haitian Gourde?

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Once upon a time in Haiti, one US Dollar was worth no more than 5 Haitian gourdes; that's why the 5 gourdes bill was called 'one dollar'. Nowadays, in commercial banks in Haiti, the US dollar is around 70 gourdes whether you are buying or selling it...

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La Vie Cher says...

Si leta Haitien te inprime Gourde la toujou, lavi te ka mwen cher. Konyea 5 Gourde se monnen pi piti sou marché Haitien a, se sa li lakoz tout bagay koute 5 Gourde pou pi piti.

Nou pa janm mande tet nou poukisa Etas Unis printe 1 dollars yo a toujou?

Imajine sou soudainement Etas Unis sispann printe dolar yo a, epi yo fe billet 5 dollars la tounen monnen, kisa ou panse ki pwal pase valeur dollar US la?

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