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Is Haiti in the Bible?

Strange question to be asking but some people want to know? Is Haiti in the bible? It's been said that Haitians are Israelites of the Tribe Of Levi... more »

List of Haitian NBA Basketball Players updated

New names have been added to List of Haitian NBA Players. Take a look at the updated list... Browse the updated list of Haitians and Americans... more »

Mouvement République Haïti Solidaire (MRHS)

Le Mouvement la République Haïti Solidaire, une association a vu le jour pour faire la promotion et la défense des valeurs comme le... more »

The language we speak. Education, innovation and the future of Haiti Michel DeGraff

How does language use and suppression mirror societal power? What impact has colonialism had on the Haitian Creole language and its role in Haiti's... more »

Haiti Alert - The Hurricane season is at our doorsteps again!

Hurricane season 2018 has arrived. What are Haitians living in Haiti to expect this year? Forecasters are expecting an average number of hurricanes... more »

Haitian Rice "Du Riz Sheila" is my favorite rice

No doubt, "Du Riz Sheila" is my favorite rice. It is one the best one out there. Very light, you get that heavy feeling after you it. Even if you... more »

Famous Haitian Celebrities

Looking for all the famous Haitian Celebrities? Here you will find the list of celebrities you probably didn't know were Haitian. Some of these... more »

Chili: Deux haïtiens arrêtés pour violences sexuelles sur une handicapée mentale

La police chilienne a procédé à l'arrestation de deux ressortissants haïtiens accusés de violences sexuelles sur une jeune... more »

NATCOM Haiti Telephone: Apa Natcom se lè l vle li fè apel - Apel Natcom-Natcom pa pase ditou

Alo Natcom, Alo Natcom... Eske se Hinche selman sevis telefon ou an pa bon owsa se nan tout peyi a. Apel Natcom-Natcom pa pase ditou... SOS Natcom... more »

Haitians in the NFL - The New England Patriots select Sony Michel 31st overall in the 2018 NFL Draft

Haitians in the NFL - With the 31st selection of the 2018 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots have selected Sony Michel. profootballfocus.com Sony... more »