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Nicolas Moscoso

Nicolas Moscoso is the name of one of the Moscoso children kidnapped in Haiti by rich businessman Clifford Brandt. Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso were... more »

Haiti Volcano - Are there any volcanoes in Haiti?

Some people are curious to know are there any volcanoes in Haiti? Not that we know of. There are no known volcanoes in Haiti but with to many... more »

Volcano closest to Haiti

There are no volcanoes in Haiti but there are quite a few volcanoes in the Caribbean. Wich volcano is closest to Haiti? The closest known volcano to... more »

Is Haiti an island? What Haitian-American students need to know

Is Haiti an Island? Yes and no. This a question often asked by Haitian-American school kids writing research paper on their native country. We have... more »

Pica Pollo Haiti

More and more pica pollo are appearing in Haiti now. Businesses called pica pollo are changing the way fried chicken in sold in Haiti. It seems... more »

Fertone Plus Haiti

Mwen remarquer plusieurs Haitiens ap chercher information sou produit Fertone Plus Haiti men pa gen vraiment information ki disponible sou produit... more »

Haitian Mango vs Mexican Mango

I see some people trying to compare Haitian Mango to Mexican Mango. There is no comparison. Haitian mango it best. Have you ever tasted our... more »

Translation Anglais/English - Creole Haitian

If you are looking for a way to translate English to Haitian Creole or vice versa, then you really need to read this. Let me tell you something. I... more »

$20 U.S. to cross Dominican Republic Border to Haiti, What is that for?

Why is that all tourists have pay USD $10.00 tourist card fee upon entry to the Dominican Republic when you land at the airport but have to pay USD... more »

I love and live the Haitian culture everywhere!

Young Haitians who were born abroad and traveled abroad from Haiti shined the Haitian customized lifestyle. Like other young foreigners, they... more »