Have you people heard about that very successful Haitians are...

David - November 10 2012, 1:51 PM

Have you people heard about that very successful Haitians are in the services of other developped country?

Well it is unfortunately the case and this is because there is no future in our country and those who tried to build a future in the country had been kicked out by angry mobs who doesn't want to see changes that will cause their own profits to diminish.

Those mobs who doesn't want ANY COMPETITORS.

Let us, PATRIOTS, I'm sure there are some left, get connected and come up with a plan.

Let us get something going, it doesn't work, let try again...

until something work. I'm sure our Slave Ancestors had less opportunities then we do have today.

Let us not forget our country, our Papas, Mamans, brothers, sisters, and children.

African nations are proud of us to be the First Black Republic in the world, we had been sitting on that PAST Glory for 200. It is time to do something new, for our country and our race.

What's for supper>

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