There is a reason the Haitian's people are upset and try to...

Patrick Princivil - October 16 2012, 6:20 AM

There is a reason the Haitian's people are upset and try to kick out President Martelly, why?

I believe that, the hypocrites rejected Jesus and pretend accused him for blasphemy, what is the issue?

Because Lavalas's party, Unité's party and Duvalier's party are out of politic.

What they want?

I would like you to record a part of the manifestation for us, I will decide about what to ask my God regarding that issue.

I am tired, I don't want to stay in the freezer of Canada anymore, the wicked have to repent or die as soon as possible.

La Douane of Haïti should have clean people working in that field.

Don't worry guys, I am coming in Haïti at the end of Juanary 2013, I will recharge my battery with a 30 days of prayer in Haïti, the wicked will know what that mean, you can't tell me more than 90 percent are at the church and miserable like that.

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