The Haiti Situation

Yes, I am Haitian and I am proud of herritage and cluture but every times I sat down and started thinking about Haiti tears come to my eyes. I am full of sadness in my heart especially when I start thinking how rich and profound our cluture is. Like you said in the article it is time for us to start taking respossibility for our doings' and stop pointing fingers at each other.

Although Haiti is only one hour away from the U.S we should be counting on the U.S gorvernment help us out. If that was the case it would of happen a long time ago. Personally, my theory is that the U.S gorvernment would rather see Haiti stays the way it is. After all I believe we are being punish for being the "FIRST BLACK INDEPENDENT NATION IN THE WORLD".

Yes, it is a fact that "Haiti was once called the PEARL OF THE ANTILLES'" but for now as Haitians' we should start by developping a basic concept of gorverment and most all to implement some basics' economic principals' that will later give us the freedooms' and the abilities to do things for ourselves without depending on hand out from the U.S or the French.

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