Why are you of Satan and the bad Angels? They are nothing, you...

Patrick Princivil - August 21 2012, 11:09 AM

Why are you of Satan and the bad Angels?

They are nothing, you make God angry because he gives us authority on the Demons already.

You know already God don't deal with hypocrite why you waiste your time with the demons?

If you believe that, Satan and the bad Angels took the Haitian's people out of the slavery, why white people progress like that?

Why black people everywhere in whole world are so poor and miserable like that?

Why White people ask the Demons and find?

Why black people are ready to do worst thing to be reach, why Satan and the bad Angels don't answer them?

I think because Satan and the Bad Angels are already selfish.

Don't follow them, the bible says we don't have to be worried about when you see the wicked progress, they progress to destroy for ever.

Don't be selfish like Satan and the bad Angel and his disciples.

Come to God he will take care of you. Anybody who have Voodoo temples and want to destroy it email me or call me at 647-627-6992,

I will help this person to kick the demons out.

Remember they are nothing

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