I love your insight on cuutlres different from our own. Like...

Jane - July 3 2012, 5:42 AM

I love your insight on cuutlres different from our own. Like many differences in culture, it's hard to say which facets of jealousy and covetousness are more detestable and dangerous.

The theft and blatant disregard for personal property in Haiti are easily identifiable sins, both of which find roots in jealousy.

Although repugnant, these acts are hard to hide from the public view and often easier to directly address.

However, that type of Americanized, keeping up with the Jones jealousy you described has its own danger which prefers to fester unannounced in our souls or attempt to justify itself as the just end of our prosperous society.

Modern materialism feeds off our bloated understanding of basic needs as well as our desire to be fulfilled by the things we surround our lives with. All the while, our surrendering to the jealousies of our heart utter to God that we are not content in him alone.

It's an easy trap to fall into and we love to justify it through our concept of the American dream or refuse to ever acknowledge this act of our adulterous hearts.Sorry, that was long-winded attempt at pointing out the dangers of both sides to human jealousy, both American and Haitian.

Great post.

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