Encantada!I am totally ruastewck by how you captured the...

Batuhan - April 2 2012, 1:42 AM

Encantada!I am totally ruastewck by how you captured the spirit of my trip into the hinterlands of Mexico.

I can almost feel the adobe walls, colorful but muted from years of sun, scraped by the swirling sands.

The Mariachi have followed us out of the bar, as we stumble into the plaza.

Your depiction of the Mariachi are exactly as I remember them. The guitarron resting on the belly of the older, rotound guitarist, the stocky violinist with the devilish beard, the trumpeter swooning, his back arched into their music the charro studded with silver down the sides of the pants, elegant but with the tummy hanging over the belt from too much beer and not enough money to buy a bigger pair of pants .I loved Mexico.

The people were always so friendly muy amable and they gave whatever they had without any hesitation.

They were proud of their country and happy that a traveler would venture into their small village.

It was a magical land. The fish swimming over the landscape captures my feelings perfectly a samurai from an ancient country stumbling into the wonders of a magical land but also at home in the warmth of new friends.The details of the samurai are stunning the straw tying the waraji straw shoes, the beautiful kabuto helmet and menpo mask. In a way, I am sure the villagers saw me through the samurai films they must have seen. David and Sophie, I am honored to have been the subject of your wonderful art. It is breathtaking and I can't articulate how beautiful it is, other than to say my life seems to have more substance now, as part of it exists outside of me, in your work.

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