Living forever is really depended on advances in technology...

Bwu4389 - July 12 2011, 6:09 PM

living forever is really depended on advances in technology.

But individually, living forever totally depends on the individual and how he perceives his or her existence.

Living forever for you will take knowledge of the human body, your body. It would take abandoning what the world accepts as pleasurable and good. An example can be used with sugar, tobacco, caffine, alcohol and drugs...

those were all external consumptions but what about the internal dynamics that support those consumptions?

Living forever would require an internal elixir that will support the human body in the event of living forever here on earth.

Living forever here on earth I can say would be somewhat impossible being that everything that surrounds you and I are mentally programmed to accept and execute death.

The only possible way that living forever would come into play is if all the necessary three actions took place, in which all but one have already been done:

(1) Someone to create the Socio-political conditions to support that subject.

(2) Knowledge and information that will reverse the "duty-to-die" program embedded in our brains.


This is what is guaranteed dear friend, when number three takes place, and since numbers one and two are already set in place, Heaven On Earth will be experienced.

With Love,

Brandon White

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