I certainly understand how you feel comrade, i used to feel...

I certainly understand how you feel comrade, i used to feel the same way too but that's until I looked at myself in a mirror and see an able man with all his strength and God given abilities.

Our problem start with the thinking that someone else should take care of our problems.

allow me to ask you what satisfaction or pride would you and I or any other Haitian display by being the first black nation to earn its independence only to colapse 200 hundred years later in the hands of an occupier?

let me tell you brother, this colapse would be the topic in all the western world on how blacks cannot govern themselves, and to be honest with you, comrade, if you think about the blood that our ancestors, my great great grandparents and your great great grandparents, have shed to give you and I the opportunity to be part of a nation, I believe that you would find that the price of independence is much too great not to fight for. well friend I invite you to look in the mirror with me and ask yourself these two questions:

First, who would benefit more from a better Haiti?

Second, Am I an able man with all his strength and god given abilities?

If your answer to the first question is Haitians not Americans, then Haitians have to make the necessary sacrifices to ensure that Haiti does get better;

and if your answer is yes to the second question, then your participation is counted on by millions of haitian children who hope, when they grow up, to still have a country their can call their own, and also to escape this horible living conditions.

I hope to hear from you or anyone who agree or disagree with this short message.

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