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I'm trying to go back to school (Medical School) and as we already know it is very expensive.

During my search for a scholarship it has hurt me to find that there are no scholarships offered to Haitians by Haitians...especially since we have so many Haitians that have made it in life. It's very hard to be THANKFUL that you are Haitain when there seems to be no benefits to being Haitian.

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I feel you. I look at all the other minority acholarships and wonder why we can't have the same for our people. It's not a matter of wanting a... read more >
Topic, 29-Jul-03 7:20 pm
Chrissy I would suggest that you pass on this idea to Lesly Jacques of Haiti Amerique international radio in Florida and I think his e-mail address... read more >
Topic, 30-Jul-03 10:54 am
Robert, Thanks for your suggestion! I took your advice and sent my message on. I hope it makes a difference. God bless! read more >
Topic, 30-Jul-03 11:58 pm
Greetings, my name is liz and i am haitian & dominican and i was reading the comment about there are no grants for haitians provided by haitians but... read more >
Topic, 23-Dec-03 2:12 pm
hi. my name is betty. im not quite sure what he is doing for us young people but some one should do something to help us get our education. read more >
Betty, 8-Apr-06 5:12 pm


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