If you felt so strongly about becoming president of Haiti or...

If you felt so strongly about becoming president of Haiti or keeping your Haitian nationality why did you give it up so quickly?

It is funny the way we are quoting what the U.S constitution says but ignoring their actions toward the Haitians/Haiti.

How soon we forget how they treated us back in the days (70's, 80's, and 90's) and how they still see us right now. If you don't understand what I am talking about it's RESEARCH TIME!

I have been in the U.S all my life (30years), but not once did I consider myself better off living in America with "American privileges" than in Haiti.

I was "exported" to this country as a child by my parents (without consulting me) for reasons unknown to me, but I was never too far away from her (Haiti).

Haiti would be a better place if we gave it a fraction of the thought, love, and support we give to America.

In this country you (Haitians) would follow the law and rules because they were made by the Americans, but would intentionally break them in Haiti because they were made by Haitians.

This is weird to me. We are defending a country that can't stand the like of you because of your double whammy (Black and Haitian) for a woman triple whammy (Black, Female, and Haitian), but yet reject the one that you can truly call home no matter what.

I think because Haiti keep opening her arms and heart to receive you at any giving time make you appreciate her less and less. I am sorry if I don't share the same sentiment with you guys but never will I look at my citizenship as a way to feel accepted by these people.

No one will love you like your mother.

She might be disappointed in you for a little bit but her love for you never go astray.

No matter what you do or how many degrees you have America will never consider you as one of them or even worse equal.

Why should I give prop to them when they are the reason Haiti is the way it is. I wasn't raise in Haiti, but my father made sure that I was in the books reading up about Haiti from the beginning to today.

I have grown to love and appreciate Haiti because of its struggle.

I like to think that Americans should be begging to become Haitian citizens because of what we mean to them. They love Haiti so much they hate it (think about it).

I would love to hear Haitians making a big fuss about being Haitian traveling around the world with Haitian privileges someday.

Instead of using all your brain cells and ideas to develop a country that's already overdevelop why not use your knowledge to better your birth place so that one day Americans will flock to Haiti seeking citizenship.

If you guys (immigrants) are the reasons that America is so great why not take all that greatness back to Haiti and make it great.

Just my two cents

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