Maybe we are not Haitian

According to the constitution we are not Haitians.

In a way the constitution is right because without even thinking some of us turn our back on Haiti and rejected our Haitian nationality to become citizen of other countries that are "bigger, and better" than Haiti.

If I was Haiti I would deny you that right too because you have abandon me for someone else.

Breaking your back to send money to a family member in need is not sending money to "Haiti".

You are taking care of your family member, doing your duty as a member of that family.

If they decide to take the right to be in their family away from you there's plenty of reason to get upset.

Yes, Haiti needs all of her children living abroad who never denied her and stop believing in her. In her time of needs some of us felt too embarrass to admit that we were a part of her 7 millions.

We jumped at the chance of becoming citizens of another country so that we can say we are no longer Haitians.

I am very guilty and undeserving to be called her child because I too became a citizen of another country.

Regardless if it wasn't by choice and that I was force to become one, I did the unthinkable I called another country "HOME".

The love I have for Haiti will never change because I am a Haitian living in America just taking a vacation.

I will be home someday and that's a fact. Don't get all worked up because the constitution said that. Most countries have laws similar to that. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

If you really want to claim your Haitianness give up your citizenship to whatever country that now own you, and go back home and work for the betterment of the country leaving all the bad habits (corruption, greed, envy, self-hatred, every man for himself type of thing) you picked up along the way while you were vacationing in the foreign land. Bring all the goods (education, enthusiasm, vision, love, ect...) with you so that you can earn the right to be called her son/daughter once again.

Go ahead! Reclaimed you birth right.

Just my two cents,

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