The constitutants of the Haitian constitution do not convince...

The constitutants of the Haitian constitution do not convince me that they were neither guided by an ethic professional nor qualified to assume this important responsibility.Many articles in the Haitian constitution do not make any sense to me. I believe that people in the diaspora community need to stand up and advocate for many amendments of this constitution.

I do not want to single out any non-sense articles in the constitution; however, to make my point let's considere this for instance: In the U.S. Constitution, one of the criteria to run for president is to be "born in the U.S." On the other hand, the Haitian constitution says that you cannot hold any government job in Haiti in you have a dual citizenship.

Now for those of us who are Haitians and living abroard due to many reasons that are beyond our control, where can we be president?

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