..And you can quote me!

Maybe we should not have been a free nation.

Remember Toussaint L'Ouverture did not want this.

We still paying interest to the French for this so called "Freedom".

Haiti has never had a stable Government in its history.

What's wrong there?

There is so much void needing to be filled.

Taiwan is smaller than Haiti.

They give us stuff for free all the time.

Now go figure! why are they so advance than us?

In the late 60s or 70s, Ford offered to built roads in haiti in return only Ford be sold in Haiti, they refused.

I dream of just a one-laned highway from Fort Liberte west to Mole St Nicolas, south to Belle Anse and so on. But we need help to do it.

We need to be occupied by let's say a U.S to help Haiti grow.

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