That is the reason why we need to contact the UN in let them...

Martine Civil - October 24 2010, 12:51 AM

that is the reason why we need to contact the UN in let them know our concern to give preval pressure on what is going on with this virus killing thousands of people in last then a week what is next for haiti gas to inpoisonate the air?

Haiti went through all sort of emergency Aids pandemic, floads,hurrican, Earthquake,and now a no ware virus...I wonder if politic also intervine at this matter face to election.

this part of the city gonaives usually are very strong people in the history of haiti in election.

it is a bizarr situation where this pandemie choose to begin its" ravage at l'artibonite snook itself to gonaive the taughts of all of these put a mind to think with concern and anxiety.

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