It is well known that Haiti government keeps its people in the...

Alister Wm Macintyre - October 22 2010, 11:38 AM

It is well known that Haiti government keeps its people in the dark about what it is doing.

That's an issue to ask candidates in the election to maybe fix. The election may need to be delayed again, because of this.

Instead of saying "No news from the government to the ordinary Haitian people, so they must be doing nothing" the focus should be on "Here is what the government and NGOs are telling the international community they are doing" vs. what is witnessed by people on the ground, to see if they are talk but no action, or if they telling the truth.

You might report on what food aid has been going to the estimated 3/4 million Haitians who were driven out of Port au Prince to go live in rural areas without the kind of humanitarian relief that went to people still in PaP. The malnutrition could explain why most of the deaths are children and elderly.

You might also ask the election candidates about this plan not to start on permanent housing until August 2011, where hundreds of thousands if not a million Haitians have to stay in the camps for another hurricane season, and now we are close to 100 camps facing eviction from alleged land owners who have bogus land ownership documentation,

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