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Like most of the Haitian constitution this article is written to fulfill certain group interest who were the so call ruler of the nation at the time and it is design to fulfil their agenda not the population as a whole.

As we all know that Haiti is a lawless place and it has been for a long time and even longer then this constitution.

As Haitian I hope of a day when we can put law into application and generated law that can better us as people.

Until then, I will not worry about this part of the constitution to much, we have bigger fish to fry. We need to first establish a working democracy a balance of power where every sector in the country can have a true representation in government where the Haitian people can benefit from. Curently we need a proper election for us to elect competent people that can work on fixing these problems, and those who get elected should be base on the their competency and qualification rather then who their know or who is related to them, and may be then each individual who wants to participate into government can without any so call predestin right.

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