How Jews helping haitian

Betina Jeanmary - September 9 2010, 7:19 PM

My point of view is that compare to job discrimination haitian have to face in America, Jews always open the door for us. Especially with the disaster in haiti.

We need to work, to send money to our relative in haiti who's became homeless, starving.Lot of haitian facing lot of discrimination especially in healthcare industries because of our culture.

Lot of us have to kiss, or worry everyday that we may lose our job for little or no reason.For example, you may be set up to do housekeeper job, when you suppose to work as a nurse aid simply because they know haitian like to work. Some of the stories I hear from haitian are willy sad enough to make you cry of the way they have been mistreat or used in work place.That's the reason somehow I think Jews are helping, they always open the door when it come to job.They never hiding job or discriminate against haitian.

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