Dear: Haiti Haiti cherie these socalled Haitian politician who...

Haitimoney - August 27 2010, 9:25 PM

Dear: Haiti

Haiti cherie these socalled Haitian politician who live in Haiti this day an age can't help you get out of this situation that you in right now, those Haitian been there for over 200 years, you look at yourself see if those socalled Haitian can help you, let me tell you slowly no....

They can't because they don't have any vision and they not built for this, and they are not leaders they can't lead, one thing they know how to do and good for is to steal from you, Haiti cherie do yourself a favor change the CONSTITUTION this is the only way we can move forward, out of the situation we need someone the world can trust and we can trust, which have nothing to do with class, we need to stop this, this way of thinking


Who we should believe in

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